11 July 2012

Ariel and catching up with J&J

It is no secret that my favourite movie of all time is Disney’s the Little Mermaid. It was the first movie that I’ve ever seen in the theatre and I can honestly admit that I’ve watched the movie over 3000 times. What is it about this movie that gets an (almost) 28 year old woman so intrigued?

First of all, I love the Disney’s version of the story. The original version of Hans Christian Andersen doesn’t have a happy ending which I don’t like as much. It is something about a young girl being rebellious towards her father and fighting for what she believes in and for what she loves. I must admit that I might be a bit jealous of her red hair as well :-) I never get tired of watching the movie. For my 24th birthday, I decided to give one last theme party... seeing that it was about time for me to grow up and stuff. The theme had to be the Little Mermaid.

Invitation for my birthday get-together four years ago

Now four years later, I’m back in Cape Town and about to have another birthday. It’s like if it was meant to be, because the Canal Walk Theatre company is actually performing the play of the Little Mermaid while I’m here. I could not miss out on seeing it so Claudine, Carla-Ann, Kaylee and I went to see it today. It was lovely! It was a mixture of the original story combined with the Disney version that did had a happy ending.

Going to the play

Afterwards the Gassibe’s gave me an early birthday present. I got the Little Mermaid book with a CD with the original voices and songs of the movie. I seriously can’t wait to get home and put it on and listen to it.

Love my early birthday present!

The day was good and even got better. I finally had the chance to meet up with Jason & Janine. They are good friends whom I’ve gotten to know when I lived here for a while. I love hanging out with them and throughout the years we’ve been in-and-out of touch, but the contact that we’ve had was always good. Jason is actually the one who made me several videos... I seriously shouldn’t mention these videos anymore, but since I’m me, I’ll do it anyway ;-)

I loved how we were able to chat away, it felt like the last four years never passed by. This means that our bond is still good and it’s definitely something that I treasure deeply.

Jason & Janine... <3 them!

That’s it for now... one more day till the deadline of my ‘life plan’. Let’s see if I’m still able to make it or not. Will be continued....

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