21 July 2012

Plush: more than 'just' a band


My favourite band from South Africa is Plush. My big bro Emelio happens to be the bass player of the band, but this is not why I like them so much. I genuinely like their music and enjoy their performances. During my time as an intern in Cape Town, I basically forced every YFC IVI (international volunteer and intern) to listen to their albums day in and day out.  I should have asked them for royalties, ‘cause I made sure that the IVI’s didn’t leave South Africa without buying all their albums J

I saw Plush perform four times while I was living in South Africa. They are a big hit in Cape Town and the rest of South Africa. The first time that I saw them was somewhere in February or March of 2008 (need to look up the exact date) at a club/bar called Wadda in Cape Town. This was also the first time that I saw my big bro Emelio perform. I really ‘digged’ the gig and thought that the blokes were really nice (Emelio introduced us ). Being me, I decided to do more research about the band and requested all their materials via Emelio. From that moment on, I was hooked. Come as it may, I might love their music and stuff, but I’m not obsessed. I remember the other Dutch interns though, they were a teeny-tiny star struck by the lads… haha good memories!

First time that I saw them perform at Wadda bar in 2008:

Gabe, my little brother from the States, and I used to have a gazillion jokes about Emelio and Carl (guitar player of the band). Something occurred in London while we were in Cape Town. The situation is of serious matter and not fun at all, but we simply couldn’t help ourselves. Although Rory is the front man of the band (and a very nice bloke!), Emelio and Carl have got to be my favs. Emelio for obvious reasons and Carl simply because of all the personal jokes.

Ben, Carl, Emelio, me & Rory
@ the Green Dolphin in 2008

I was supposed to see them perform today at Grand West in Cape Town. It was for a fundraiser thing, but the entire event was cancelled last minute. Somehow, at the back of my mind, I knew that this was going happen. Every single time I get excited about something, things always come up. I was VERY excited to see the lads on stage again and therefore a bit bummed out when it was cancelled. I kind of had the feeling that this would be the last time that I’ll get to see them perform in South Africa, since I seriously don’t know when and if I will ever return. It would have been a good ending of my visit to the city that I love so much: my favourite band with my big bro on African soil… well it was just not meant to be. Being such a good big brother as he is, Emelio still tried to make something happen for me to see him and the lads perform (basically Rory & Carl, since I don’t know the two other (new) band members)… it was too much of a hustle to make it happen, but bless him for trying so hard for me!

Four years ago, Corine (one of the interns) made a planning for my wedding. She put the entire thing together, the only missing part was the husband. Since he’s still nowhere to be found, the wedding plans are still on hold. Anyway, the band that she scheduled to play at my wedding is Plush. This idea is still lingering at the back of my mind. I have no clue if I’ll ever get married, but if I do, I would really love them to be at my wedding. This will definitely make up for missing out on them today ;-)

One of my favourite pictures:
Them backstage preparing for Kirstenbosch

You should really go check out what Plush is about on their website. Very nice, kind and good guys who make awesome music. Totally worth your time!

To Rory, Carl & my big bro Emelio:

Thanks for making this crazy & weird Dutch girl so happy through your music & stories (that I hear via Emelio). See you at my wedding someday!!! J

Huge hug and lots of love,
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