02 July 2012

Bye bye Enter…

For someone who doesn't like goodbyes, I'm sure not making it easier for myself by creating these situations regularly. Although I'm very excited to pursue my career as an English teacher after the summer, saying goodbye to my career as a youth worker is bittersweet. I guess that this is a good thing, because when it's difficult to say goodbye, it means that the time that you've had with the people has been good. This is why I'm dedicating this post to my (former) colleagues and my dedicated volunteers.

I've already shared my thoughts on my colleagues and I've made no secret of my appreciation for our volunteers in precious blog posts. Now, to close this chapter of my life, I would like to share some fond memories of the time I've spend with these magnificent people.

People who know me, know that I'm very picky about whom I hang out and work with. If I don't like my working environment, I would definitely not stick around. I never had this problem while being a youth worker. I was blessed to work with people whom I get along with. I thoroughly enjoyed working with my colleagues and even got close with some of them. They were a good mixture for my multiple personalities: I could always talk about my love for football with Chris, goof around with Arnoud, pull pranks on Daphne, have good chats with Cees, vent with Minke, learn from Eddy, share my thoughts with Jessica and turn to Danny for a laugh whenever I was feeling down.

My wonderful (former) colleagues

Youth centre 'Enter' is the office and beating heart of our team. It is also the home of our sublime volunteers who I profoundly respect. The dedication that they have for the youth centre is admiring. During my time with 'van Houten&co', I've been blessed to get to know some of them well. I believe with whole my heart that they're the ones who are able to set a good example to lead the next generation in my hometown in making the right decisions for their own future.

A bunch of dedicated volunteers

I loved spending time with them: pulling pranks on my colleagues, messing up the office, goofing around and the endless quality talks that I've shared with them are memories that I will treasure for eternity.

Confetti in the office, simply because it's possible to do so
Another prank in the making
A hello picture from the pub, because I couldn't be there
Two things that I like combined: Red Bull & the volunteers
(my farewell present from them)

Now it is time for me to close this chapter and start a new phase in life. It gives me peace of mind to know that my colleagues will continue to be there for the youngsters in my home town. Especially with the help of such great and amazing volunteers!

To my hardworking colleagues: 
Thank you for everything, I truly had a blast! 

To my beloved volunteers: 
Thanks for all that you do and for the priceless memories! 

Lots of love,
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