03 July 2012

Returning home

Can't wait to see 'my kids' again

I've always said that the Netherlands is my home country and that I have several places in this world that I call home.  'Home is where the heart is' could be a phrase for my memoire;  I've been blessed to be able to travel around and meet people who have become friends and some whom I even consider as my family. I'm about to return to one of the places that I call home: Cape Town.

I lived in Cape Town for about nine months in 2008. I was there for an internship for my Social Work study. I  went  there to do research and fulfill a course task for my studies, but never did I expected to gain so much from this journey. I was overwhelmed by the beauty of the country and its people.

My daily South African view: the magnificent Table Mountain

Now, after four years, it is the right time for me to return. A lot has happened in my life since I said farewell to my Cape Tonian family and I didn't want this to intervene with the fond memories that I have of my South African home. Now I feel that it is the perfect timing for me to reunite with the people who I love so dearly.

My kids from Vissershok primary school

Brandon, the apple of my eye

Nasiphe, another favourite of mine

As I have difficulties of letting things go, letting my -now former- work go has been weighing on my heart, it is a good thing that I will get some closer by going to South Africa. I'm about to leave to the airport and I cannot wait to see all 'my kids' and family again.

My Cape Town friends & family

Seriously can't wait to share many more special moments with them

Enjoy your summer… I'll keep you posted from my beloved Kaapstad.

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