18 July 2012


My favourite street in South Africa

Ever since the first day that I arrived in Cape Town, I instantly felt connected with one place: Blouberg (Blaauwberg in Afrikaans). The YFC Cape Town IVI (international volunteers and interns) house finds itself in this area. I can still remember the very first day that this place concurred my heart: February 13th 2008. The view from the house is one of my favourite sights in the whole wide  world. It looks over the ocean with Table Mountain on your left and Robben Island straight in front of you. It is obvious that it’s a gorgeous location, but what is it about this place that has imprinted itself on my soul?

The months that I’ve lived in Blaauwberg has been a significant phase of my life. Up until my arrival, my heart was very heavy and I was carrying a lot of stuff from the past with me. I came to Cape Town just for an internship, but it turned out to be so much more than that. Besides from working on my studies, I connected with the place, the IVI’s, the culture and its people. I can honestly say that I’ve been amazingly blessed with a lot of laughter and happiness that I have been missing for a while.

Table Mountain
2008 vs. 2012

Living at Blouberg gave me the opportunity to clear my thoughts. Every day I would sit on the latch in front of the house and stare at Table Mountain and Robben Island, letting the wind carrying my sorrows away. I would sit there at the crack of dawn and in the middle of the night. The security guys of the area (who drive around) used to wave at me and they came and sit with me during my last night in Cape Town. It was just so nice to sit there and not to have a care in the world.

Robben Island
2008 vs. 2012

It took me four years to return to this place. This is because I have such fond memories of Blouberg and I didn’t want anything to intervene with this image in my head. A lot has happened during the last four years and I just felt that there hasn’t been a good time to return until now. Now that the time is here, there’s only one thing to conclude: it feels so so so good to be back! I knew that I missed the place, but being back makes me realise how bad I was longing for Blouberg.

View from Blaauwbergstrand

Sunset at Blouberg

I still have a couple of days left so I’m definitely going to put my time here to full use. I’m planning on walking on the beach a lot, see the astonishing sunset, sitting on the latch as much as possible and let this beautiful place mark itself deeper in my memories. Although it is good to be back, I’m also realistic and know that there is no certainties in life. This is why I’m enjoying my time here to the fullest, because chances are that this is the last time that I’m at the place that fills my heart with so much joy.

All there’s left for me to say is:

Thank you Blouberg... you have given me so much and I’m eternally grateful for your existence!

Baie baie baie liefde,
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