11 July 2012

A day like any other day

I’ve made it perfectly clear that I want tomorrow to pass by, since it is a day like any other day. People around me don’t seem to get it though. I know what I want and especially what I don’t want. Why can’t people just let me be?!?!?

I’ve explained my ‘life plan’ in a previous blog post. Tomorrow is the deadline of the plan that I’ve once set out for myself. Life didn’t work out as I wanted it to be, obviously. I’m not sad about not being married or not having children… my life took another turn and although it’s nothing that I imagined it to be, I have been blessed with a lot of things that I didn’t and couldn’t anticipated.

This is not the reason why I want to skip tomorrow. Despite of all the things that I’m blessed with in life, tomorrow is just a huge reminder of what is not in my life anymore. It is a missing feeling that leaves my heart aching so badly. I just want to get over tomorrow and I don’t need anything to make the day memorable.

I understand that people around me want to do things to make me feel special and I honestly appreciate it, but I just wished that they would actually listen and hear me when I say that tomorrow is just like any other day. My big bro & sis in Cape Town and my friends back home keep on trying, but I just wished that they would let me be. It doesn’t matter where I would have been, July 12th 2012 is a date that I cannot wait to erase out of memory. The bright side of all this is that at least I will be at my favourite spot in Cape Town tomorrow night. I will be able to let the wind clear my thoughts and heavy heart.

So there you go… Enjoy your day and let us all look forward to Friday the 13th!

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