08 August 2012

Beer, my kind of drink!

I think that it's time for me to write a post about something that is very important to me: beer! There is a huge argument/disagreement about beer not being a ladies drink. If you Google it, then you will find polls about men finding women less attractive when they drink beer. Well, I say I drink whatever I like and those men can go find themselves some posh wine zipping ladies! ;-P

Best beer ever!

It is no secret that I have a certain brand of beer that I'm really fond of: Hertog Jan (literal translation would be Duke John). Us Dutch are well known for our beer: Heineken, Grolsch, Amstel etc. but these are all brands that I don't really like. Hertog Jan is the one that I prefer above all. I haven't had any for over a month now (since July 2nd to be exact) and I'm seriously graving for a nice cold glass now. Tomorrow Duke John and I will be reunited, 'cause I'll go to my favourite local pub with my cousins to catch up and have some drinks.
Cathing up with my cousin(s) tomorrow

I have had beer during the previous month, just not Hertog Jan. I know that I'm picky, but I can settle for other brands as well. I've tried Black Label and Castle in South Africa. It was okay, but not as good as our Dutch beer. That's probably just the thing: us Dutch are so spoiled with the brands that we have, that we cannot appreciate foreign beer anymore :-S So I mainly stuck to wine in South Africa: Four Cousins was/is one of my favourites.

Black Label & Castle

Four Cousins

It's not that I'm not a wine drinker. I do drink wine to socialise and during dinner, but at some point I always switch over to beer. I just genuinely like the taste of it. Maybe it's also because my parents let me have my first zip of it when I was two years old and I was just hooked from that moment on ;-)

Started drinking at the age of two! ;-)

Anyways, enough chatter about beer... I'm longing for tomorrow evening to come. I'll drink one and toast on all of you... cheers!!

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