11 August 2012

Wishing on a star

I've a huge fascination for the moon and the stars. When the sky is clear, I often stay up late at night just to look up above for hours and hours. There is something magical about looking up there into space and seeing those bright dots in the sky. It gives me a soothing feeling and makes me feel at peace.

I'm a city girl at heart. I love the neon lights and people rushing around to get from A to B, but I love to be at the country side every now and then as well. What I love most about the country side is that the moon and stars seem even brighter at night. As I'm writing this, I'm seriously contemplating to take a few days off and head to the country side, but I can't unfortunately.

It's okay though, because we will be spoiled with loads of falling stars (or some refer to it as shooting stars) tonight and tomorrow night. I hope that you, wherever you are, will have the time to treat yourself to this gift from above. Take the time to treasure how beautiful nature is and how magical it is to witness these falling stars. They say that you get to make a wish for every falling star that you see so be prepared and think of what you want to wish for.

My wish for you is to be showered with the magical falling stars 
and that your wishes will come true!

Much love,
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