30 August 2012

Throwback Thursday: big brother & mini me

I was uploading a throwback photo on my Instagram of my brother & I and realised that this is one of few pictures that I have with him. I have a different relationship with my siblings than most siblings have with each other. My sisters are pretty close and my brother and I are both sort of loners. Because we are both loners, we have a different relationship with one and other than my sisters have with us. My brother and I rarely speak with or to each other, but when we do, it's short and to the point. Somehow we always manage to understand each other. We both share a profound love for sports, especially for football. We support different clubs and don't mind rubbing it in each other's faces whenever our favourite team beats the other team.

Although we don't have the close-24/7-communication-type of relationship, I know that I can always count on my big brother. He's probably the one who I would call if I needed to be bailed out of jail, because he would never judge me for whatever I've done, simply because I'm his little sister. Not that I would ever end up in jail of course. J

This throwback Thursday is for you big bro!
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