16 November 2010

Apple mania

Apple's original logo

You’re either a Apple person or you are not. I know many people who have everything that is Apple related and they get rather upset when you’re not such a fan of Apple yourself. It’s like a kind of cult that I just don’t get.

I myself find the design of the Apple product beautiful, but that’s as far as my fascination goes. To me, it's a huge downfall that you have to buy Apple accessories separately, instead of using universal ones like any other brand that is out there. Once you give in to a Apple product, it’s like you’re stuck with them forever.

The only thing that I own of Apple is my Ipod. I got this when I was younger and quite fancied it for a while. It didn’t even bother me to ‘had’ to download Itunes, but I got over this phase. Nowadays, my mind often contemplates whether to get an Iphone or not. I am a fanatic smart phone user, but I'm also one who prefers a real qwerty type board over a touch screen one.

What I don’t get about these Apple fanatics is that they’re just blinded by the brand. Sometimes I have the feeling that it doesn’t matter what Apple brings out, they will get it anyway, just because it’s from Apple. This video truly says it all:

It would be funny if Apple were to bring this product out and you have some lunatics who would actually go out and buy it. Another video that really made me laugh was a promo for the Iphone 5:

When you read the comments on YouTube, you can really see that some Apple-fans take themselves too seriously by insulting the guys in the video. Grow up people, it’s a joke!

Q: Are you pro or con Apple? And why?

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