10 November 2010

That's life

This is a photo that I took in South Africa. It was the view from my house in Blouberg, Cape Town. I often sat on the latch in front of the house admiring this view. Letting the wind clear my mind while witnessing the magnificent sun setting behind Robben Island. So many thoughts came to my mind during those hours on that latch. My friends, my work, studies and just life in general. Where will life take me? How will it look like in the future? Well, that has been over two years ago and I’m still left with same questions.

As I am starting this new blog, I’m also trying to create a new beginning for myself. I’m in the progress of going through a lot of transitions. Contemplating about the next step in life etc etc. I won’t bore you with any of that, but something did came to mind that I want to share with you.

We have all made plans for ourselves. When you were a kid there was something that you really wanted to become: a princess, a fire fighter, a teacher a movie star or whatever you can imagine. Somehow these plans and longing to become somebody or something changed, why is this?

I have set a out a pretty clear picture for myself concerning the future, but not much of it has actually come true. In primary school I wanted to become a photographer or a child psychiatrist, but I ended up being a social/cultural worker. At least the working with children part stuck with me, but that is as expected because of the affinity that I have for working with children and youth. I also wanted to get married before the age of 24 and have all my kids when I’m 28… I´m 26 now, not married and I don´t think that I will pop out any kids any time soon.

Plans don´t always turn out as you want them to. That is because we don´t have control of what happens in life. When things don´t go our way, we often get disappointed and sometimes even mad. We learn from this and we make new plans. That is what life is all about. It is easier sad and done, but it needs to be done... ´That´s life´, three simple words, but also very true.

So why waste planning you life when you don’t have control of if? Well, it’s because we’re human, we like to be in control. Even when it is so clear that we are not, we’re fooling ourselves that we are.

I’m off thinking about my next step in life, make a new plan for the future knowing that I will be doing this over and over again. Oh well... That’s life!

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